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LETTER: Sooke council needs to complete OCP

Re: There’s no rush in approving Sooke’s OCP ( Our View , May 26)

Re: There’s no rush in approving Sooke’s OCP (Our View, May 26)

The reason to get our official community plan finalized before the Oct. 15 municipal elections is to have all the cards on the table, if possible. Not leaving major issues outstanding allows the voters of Sooke to confront all the contenders for a seat on council as to just where they stand on those issues.

The height of folly in municipal elections is to let anybody get elected based on a “nudge-nudge, wink-wink, just trust me” platform.

There is nothing more dismaying in local politics than to discover some council member has had a hidden agenda going into an election that they just conveniently forgot to mention before voting day. And this factor is especially critical for Sooke this year, as we all know, given dozens of examples of recent decisions made by some politicians in communities just down the road.

In other words, if you’re a candidate in Sooke, who wants to emulate us becoming a mini-Langford, then I sure would like to know that fact before I step into the polling booth.

Andy Neimers


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