LETTER: Sooke must save its green space


Re: Sooke will seek public input on John Phillips Memorial Park (News, Sept. 30)

Regarding the John Phillips Memorial Park story – partial quote: “This park could be so much more.” What exactly does this mean? “Having more modern facilities” sounds great, but is gobbling up parkland the best way to do this? Many think not.

John Phillips park is the largest green space in town, and we all know green space in town is like an old-growth forest in that when it is gone, there will never be any more.

Sooke’s official community plan states: “Expand and protect parks and green space throughout the community for the well-being of current and future generations.” Carving out 1.9 acres of this green space for buildings and parking lots somewhat contradicts this, no?

So glad we will be permitted more input than the alternative approval process, which sounds less like “is this what Sooke really wants” and more like “we are going to do this unless you stop us.”. Many believe this is an inappropriate (or worse) methodology.

The Lions’ proposal will be great – in another location.

Ken Stuart



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