LETTER: Tea Lea treated unfairly for work on EDPA

LETTER: Tea Lea treated unfairly for work on EDPA

Why is it that society will often look for a way to condemn a person who does good?

Ted Lea is one of the most ethical, humble and gentle persons I know. He believed that the 2012 version of the Environment Development Permit Area (EDPA) bylaw was flawed – as did some 2,000 homeowners in Saanich – and finally, after three long contentious years, so did Saanich municipal council.

On request by concerned and worried property owners, Ted offered to check out properties for sensitive and endangered plant species that were targeted by the EDPA bylaw. He did this completely free of charge, along with documentation that, in many cases, supported removal of that property from the EDPA. This was a kind and generous act for many homeowners who had neither the time, money or plant knowledge to do so.

In return for this public spirited act, Ted is being treated by his own professional association as a common criminal with words that could ruin his career to say nothing about his pocketbook. Words from headlines that the public never forgets. What is wrong with this picture?

Kate Insley