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LETTER: Vaccination status no reason for discrimination

In response to the March 2 letter from Ron Faris, here is the big drama actually being played out in Ottawa and

In response to the March 2 letter from Ron Faris, here is the big drama actually being played out in Ottawa and


Firstly, I am triple vaccinated, and still glad that I am. As the primary caregiver in my home, I believed it would help me avoid the ICU should I contract the virus. Based on the data from CDC, I believe that is still true. However, what has not been demonstrated is that the vaccine reduces transmissions, in fact, the vaccine does not reduce transmissions. This means that we all can be carriers and the perpetuated lie that the non-vaccinated are more dangerous, is false.

Every person that has been discriminated against because of their vaccination status has been victimized. The peaceful protest against forced vaccinations by the Truckers Convoy, is very valid. The prime minister and the leader of the NDP refused to talk with them. Instead, they both pretended that there was a national emergency in an attempt to take control of all Canadian rights and freedoms, when in fact, the peaceful truckers had already vacated.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau retracted his illegal overreach just prior to it going to the Senate. This coup could only happen if the NDP had rejected their founding roots of standing up for the working class. Even now, the B.C. NDP government is in the process of stripping people of rights, and more health-care professionals will be victimized based on “no science.”

First it was the small businesses hit by closures and reduced capacity, government workers fired unless they complied, truckers, now private licensed health professionals are being targeted. This is happening when other countries and provinces are relaxing restrictions.

Our governments should apologize for this dangerous overreach, graciously offer to re-employ these people, beg them not to relocate to places that offer true informed choice, and compensate them for their lost time. But most of all, when did we the 85-90 per cent of those that freely chose to be vaccinated, start to believe that we cared more about our neighbour than the 10-15 per cent that we are so intent on bullying.

Sharon Gallagher