Letters: Choose a new site

Location of the proposed bike skills park in Sooke needs to be changed

A new site needs to be chosen for the bike park.

The site being considered is not appropriate for the following reasons: Many birds are affected by recreation. Any activities that destroy current and future nest trees and nesting habitat will adversely affect their population.

Silt from the bike jumps will  flow into the pond and kill off many of the tiny creatures that call this precious ecosystem their home.

Many deer roam through the park as well, the extra noise and activity will disrupt their habitat and this displacement will eventually will lead to abandonment.

And finally the natural landscape will be ruined. Once this beautiful park has been disrupted it will never be the same again.

Sooke council needs to seriously revisit this bike park idea again, and select a different site. Many families enjoy using this wonderful park just as it is.

Mark Fairall


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