LETTERS: Clean up your yards

LETTERS: Clean up your yards

After seeing that fire on Sooke Road and all the garbage buried on the property, I have noticed more and more out of control properties.

Isn’t there a bylaw for this?

On a recent job site, I was asked for a quote on a piece of property where the grass was higher than me and the doors were all closed in with blackberry bushes and broom. The whole house had moss growing on it. I did not give a quote.

I was sick to my stomach and amazed how people don’t maintain their properties Isn’t this where you live? Isn’t this where you should care about the most?

I see roadways fronting properties not maintained with high grass and garbage. Are you waiting for Mainroad? Well, they aren’t coming. You have to take responsibility for your own frontage. Broken down cars and vehicles? Get rid of them. Let’s clean up this mess.

I am embarrassed driving through Sooke, but I must say how nice East Sooke properties are holding themselves up.

Let’s clean up Sooke today !

Tina Acosta Delgado

East Sooke