Letters: Housing attainable for everyone

Homelessness could be ended if wealth distributed evenly

I was reading in your February 19 (page B8) issue about “Housing ends Homelessness,” and ending it by 2018.

I find this ridiculous and absurd. We could end homelessness now if the Catholic church (profit $170-billion 2013) and the top 10 businesses in excess of $38-trillion — yes trillion dollars decided to do so. Instead it always falls on the taxpayer, by donations to charities. Sure the rich donate too, but only enough to get their exemptions.

We allow ourselves, in these so called “times of economic crisis,” to let politicians, corporations and churches gain financial wealth, while others go without.

Our schools keep receiving cutbacks making our kids the second worst taught in the country. Classes are too big. Teachers (as well as most public employees) are underpaid while government business executives continue to make unrealistic bonuses.

In fact, it would cost around $20-billion to end homelessness — world-wide.

My question is why don’t the governments do it then?

Andrew Ferguson