Letters: Proposed financial plan

Sooke resident wonders where all of the action items are in plan

I have reviewed the District of Sooke Proposed Financial Plan 2013-2017.  In the Capital Plan for 2013 the Grant Road Connector from Philips to Charters Road, as well as the long awaited Sooke Road Roundabout, are scheduled for completion.  As well in the 2014 Capital Plan the Grant Road Connector to Church Road is scheduled to finally be completed.  I also see ongoing road and sidewalk improvements in this plan.

I am pleased to see these items in the 2013 and 2014 Capital Plans.  However I have seen all of these items prioritized before, with no action taken.  I sincerely hope that Council has the political will to finalize this plan and direct District Staff to follow through on these priorities, including completing them on schedule.

Tom Myrick


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