LETTERS: Shots at my cat concerning

LETTERS: Shots at my cat concerning

He is my pal, friend and buddy, so when someone shoots him I get very upset and angry.

Just because someone doesn’t like me doesn’t mean they have to take it out on my cat.

I have phoned the Sooke RCMP, animal control, SPCA and bylaw enforcement, and was told by everyone to get a photo or there’s nothing you can do.

The RCMP tells me there are no shooting Airsoft guns in Sooke, and where I live, I am part of Sooke.

I have put up a 4×4 piece of plywood sign that says please call the RCMP if you see anyone shooting at my cat, Big Buddy, and put up more video cameras.

I have also been shot at while in my garden, before my cat was shot at three different times.

Big Buddy doesn’t come out front to meet me when I come home, and he runs and hides when he hears something like big trucks, noises and more.

A lot of my neighbours are watching out for Big Buddy now, and there has been no shooting since the sign went up.

Thanks to all my neighbours for their support.

Joe Olson