LETTERS: Sooke library a haven of peace

LETTERS: Sooke library a haven of peace

Re: Shushing librarians are a thing of the past (News, Jan. 16)

I must take up cudgels with your writer Tim Collins about the Sooke library.

Far from a busy hub of games, pyjama story time, and escape time, (whatever that is), I find our library a haven of peace, learning and quietude.

Once inside the doors a hush is apparent and all you can hear is the quiet click of customers operating computer keyboards.

If you can overhear the staff, more than likely in a quiet moment, they will be discussing the finer points of Baudelaire, what Shakespeare got wrong in plotting Macbeth and, perhaps critiquing Tolstoy.

The staff never waste a moment and the literary atmosphere is particularly evident when collecting a fine – especially from me. A Scrooge-like look appears whenever I slide over the money. Happily, I know that my contribution to their Christmas party is money well spent.

Games, humbug I say.

Fred Whittaker