LETTERS: Whose jobs will be killed?

LETTERS: Whose jobs will be killed?

Re: Sooke wants out of housing tax (News, April 11)

Can someone tell me how the speculation tax will be a job killer in the Capital Regional District? With an unemployment rate around 4.5 per cent, one of the lowest in Canada, a tax on homes will not lead to higher unemployment. While local politicians make such a claim, they don’t elaborate. Whose jobs will be killed?

Certainly not teachers, nurses, bus drivers, welders, plumbers. In fact in December, Sooke construction workers couldn’t find accommodation while they were building the many new homes in the area.

Ironic isn’t it?

On my street of about 25 houses, at least one is owned by out-of-province folk. The Alberta family probably spends not more than two months a year in their house. Too bad that hard-working British Columbians can’t rent vacant homes.

And another irony. As we debate a pipeline that will carry Alberta oil, Albertans who earn excessive salaries via the oil industry flock to B.C. Could it be that because they’ve sullied their province in the lust for liquid gold, they want to live in a more pristine place?

Let’s not forget Albertans earn more than British Columbians. One example: an oil company communications advisor is paid at least two times more than a hard-working, small town journalist. But I guess with big wages, no sales tax and cheap gas, they can easily afford the speculation tax.

I hope Albertans out fishing can avoid all of the oil tankers cruising by on Juan de Fuca Strait if the second Trans Mountain Pipeline is built.

Shannon Moneo