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LETTERS: Writer sticking to his views on global warming

Re: Science does not progress by popular vote (Letters, Nov.18)

I gather that the “astonished” Roland Alcock assumes that I don’t “understand that science follows data, evidence and reason” and that he doesn’t “tolerate” uninformed factual science denialism – ostensibly on my part and the three authors I mentioned. Ditto for the “misleading charts” in meteorologist Joe Bastardi’s book? So much for Bastardi’s 45-year-long career then, eh?

The fact is that until Roland Alcock tells me that he has read Bastardi’s, Schellenberger’s or Koonin’s books, I’ll stick to my views about so-called manmade global warming.

By the way, one hot summer in British Columbia does not speak for the entire globe. Neither does a 24-hour rainfall and consequent flooding. As before, manmade air and water pollution, such as in India or China, is to be scorned, but the sun still rules when it comes to climate.

Andy Neimers



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