Nuclear weapons the elephant in the room

Nuclear weapons the elephant in the room

A reader writes mankind is only a hair trigger away from nuclear annihilation

Re: Cities are right to address global issues (Our View, July 3)

Thank you for your July 3 editorial.

From a personal perspective, it’s scary enough in these times with climate change, and a world that seems to be spinning out of control, but nuclear weapons are the elephant in the room.

People are so caught up in the minutia of their every day lives they don’t know that these worst than any nightmare scenario weapons still exist – 14,000 of them, many on hair-trigger, launch-on-warning status, enough to kill everyone on the planet many, many times over.

A single nuclear weapon exchange has been estimated to be enough to hasten climate change past the point of return, on top of the unfathomable suffering of people across jurisdictional boundaries.

Thousands of physicians around the globe are involved in nuclear weapons abolition because in their words, simply put, “There is no medical response to nuclear war.”

When federal governments are too caught up in power plays, politics, profits to see clearly, it’s good that municipal governments have the welfare of their constituents at the top of the list and are willing to put their concerns forward.

Using your terminology, I think your column “action” was “the right thing” to do.

Christa Brenan, Sooke

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