Sooke has vandals too


To the vandals who think it is fun to throw eggs at our home. For the fourth time, my husband has had to climb onto our roof to remove broken eggs from second storey windows. My husband has a heart condition. How would you feel if he had a heart attack on the roof? Would it still be funny if he fell?

This is happening at about 10 p.m. at night. Do you know where your kids are at that time of night or don’t care? They must be immature kids who need parental care. If they are older teenagers I would hope they would know better.

It is no longer funny and the  RCMP have been informed.

I am afraid to sign this, God knows what they would do next if they thought we had called and complained to the RCMP. A long time resident and taxpayer of Sooke.

Valerie and Gordon Mills