Talking about bullying is helpful

Talking about bullying is helpful

Reader says calling out bullies is helpful to victim

Thank you for the article written by Tim Collins: Cyberbullying response raises concerns in Sooke (News, March 13).

Talking about bullying is helpful. Sooke is a great community and we want to help the victim.

Printing this article, bringing this bullying to attention, Sooke can rally around this victim and show our support for her.

As Sara Wylie wrote: “Willfully ignoring or turning a blind eye to bullying doesn’t help anyone, in fact, it only adds to the fire. Turning a blind eye and even avoiding the discussion of bullying feeds the stigma that bullying , suicide and mental health shouldn’t be talked about and that there even might be some shame to even remotely feeling like it’s the better option, driving young people especially to feel that they need to keep it to themselves if those thoughts ever arise in their minds. There is a terrible disconnect between the reality of what bullying, suicide, and mental health is, and how society treats it is literally damaging the lives of thousands and that pain is crying for change to be made. It’s about time we all listen to that cry and do something about it.”

Thank you for letting us know.

Sue Ridley