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22-02-2022 the ultimate palindromic date is here

It’s a day that won’t come around twice
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There aren’t too many days like Tuesday, February 22, 2022 — or Twosday as some have called it.

The date is a complete palindrome and an ambigram, meaning it can be read the same backwards, forwards and even upside down when viewed on a calculator. Twosday also has the special quirk of being a palindrome in all parts of the world no matter what system is used for date and time notation.

Other palindrome dates are dependent on the specific date and time notation in any particular country. Here in Canada, the officially recommended format is year-month-day. Most of the world practices day-month-year whereas our neighbours in the U.S. use month-day-year. However, many Canadians choose a date notation that works for them and stick with it. Depending on how you keep track, February 2022 has been full of palindromes.

If you want to maximize your numerical revelry, peak palindromic times are 2:22 p.m. or 22:22 in military time (10:22 p.m.) on Twosday.

There are plenty of fun ways to mark the occasion. Treat yourself to a double-double, practice counting by twos, do something with a friend or partner as a pair, go get yourself a pair of tacos, you could even repeat everything twice — though that might get annoying quickly.

However you choose to celebrate Twosday, be sure to remember this is an opportunity that won’t come around twice.


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