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Garbage bin watch: Your guide to shooting raccoons in Greater Victoria

International student’s quest to photograph Victoria raccoons spurred by online tipsters
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Greater Victoria Reddit users made quick work of an international student’s plea to find raccoons to photograph.

Where can I see a raccoon? RileyMcB asked, noting it’s on a list of things to do before returning home.

“I assume early night around rubbish bins but maybe there are more specific locations?” RileyMcB wrote March 1. The post quickly gained traction and decently funny responses.

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Between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. in Fernwood or along Oak Bay Avenue, digging through garbage bins or feeding in fruit trees, Azurenyx responded, noting owls may be out as well. “Raccoons frequently travel in a small group/gaze of two to four, so if you see one, take a look around for others. But, they’re everywhere and I would be surprised if you didn’t see one before you left. They’re common enough to spot during the day as well – usually up in trees, but I once saw a raccoon trying to crack open a turtle at Beacon Hill Park.”

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Many users suggested their backyards while others suggested their front yards. But other common sites included St. Ann’s, the legislature, and basically any area that borders a green belt.

Some also shared safety concerns as the little critters have been known to be aggressive, but RileyMcB did note they have a zoom lens and don’t need to get too close.

Raccoons are not dangerous to people, according to BC SPCA information. However, access to human food garbage, pet food or intentional feeding decreases their fear of humans, and they may become aggressive toward food or injured pets.

In less than a day, RileyMcB had answers to a question many haven’t had to ask in Victoria.

They signed off with a “thanks for the tips.”

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