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Is Mewtwo the most popular video game villain? Google search says yes

Most searched video game villains worldwide include Mewtwo in 1st and Mario villains in top five
Photo of Sonic and Mewtwo characters provided by Solitaire Bliss.

A new study looking at Google search data has found that Mewtwo from Pokémon is the world’s most popular video game villain.

Research conducted by online gaming platform SolitaireBliss analyzed worldwide data for the 59 most popular video game villains and ranked them according to the average monthly searches they receive.

Mewtwo had 438,000 monthly searches, according to the search data.

Super Mario’s villains smash the rankings, with four evil characters from the franchise in the top five – Ape Donkey Kong is the world’s second favourite villain, registering an average of 336,000 monthly Google searches world-wide.

“Video games villains can vary in aspect and intentions. From the cartoon animated, goofy Super Mario villains, to the creepier horror-inspired villains in Silent Hill, evil characters remain interesting and enigmatic, sought-after by millions of people world-wide,” said a spokesperson for SolitaireBliss.

The study did not account for villains outside the video game world, such as the well-known and equally sought after Darth Vader or Joker from the Star Wars and Marvel series.

Other famous characters who left a mark included the ultimate Mario antagonist, Bowser, as the third most Googled video games villain, Waluigi ranking fourth, and Wario in fifth. Other Mario villain, King Boo is ranked twenty-fifth with 40,000 searches.

Pac-man ghost and Dr. Wily are tied as the lowest monthly searched villains, with 400 total searches out of the total 59 villains included.

Photo of monthly search totals for top ten video game villains provided by Solitaire Bliss.
Photo of monthly search totals for top ten video game villains provided by Solitaire Bliss.

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