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New Barge Chilling Beach makes its debut on Vancouver’s shoreline

Barge washed up on Sunset Beach during the mid-November storms
The Vancouver Park Board has created a brand new beach for residents to enjoy. (Vancouver Park Board)

You’ve heard of Dude Chilling Park in Vancouver, but what if someone – err, something – else wants to chill?

Say hello to Barge Chilling Beach, courtesy of the Vancouver Park Board and a ship that drifted into the city’s shoreline during the November storms.

“Our little holiday gift to you, Vancouver,” the Park Board posted on Twitter. “No matter what storms life may send our way, we’ll always be here for you. Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday and a prosperous 2022!”

The name is a play on Dude Chilling Park, the unofficial name of Guelph Park in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. A sign with the park’s unofficial name was at first installed as a prank but after it garnered enough support, the park board made the sign a permanent addition.

The barge broke free of its mooring spot and ran aground at Sunset Beach on Nov. 14. While at first there were concerns about the barge breaking free again and hitting the Burrard Bridge – police even shut it down for a time – it seems like the barge is happy right where it is.

And so is the Vancouver Park Board, which seems in no rush to move it back to its former home.

While anyone is welcome to come see the barge, there is security on site and the city is asking people to be careful and not get too close.


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