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Vancouver Islanders’ Garfield song goes viral on TikTok

15-second video amasses 1.8M on TikTok
Riley Ingham (Rylis) and the cat that helped him and his friends go viral. (Colton Davis photo)

A goofy video concocted by a group of Cowichan Valley TikTokkers has the internet — or at least 1.8 million other TikTok users — in stitches.

Duncan videographer Colton Davis, who manages artists Riley Ingham (Rylis), Mackenzie Robinson (Kashaga) and Csaba Farkas, said a clip of Ingham singing a spur of the moment song to an orange tabby cat has gone viral.


Where’s your lasagna?

♬ Garfield by Rylis - Kxshaga

Robinson recalled how it all went down.

“On Wednesday, June 22, Riley, Csaba, Colton and I were filming scenes for a music video in Duncan,” Robinson said. “The song for the music video is called, ‘Don’t Worry’. We want to keep a comedic thread in our visuals behind our music so we had dressed up in ’90s-inspired jump suits. After wrapping up shooting for the day we made our way into town to get dinner.”

That’s when the magic happened. On the way out to their cars, Ingham asked Robinson to “record quickly” as they passed Davis’s brother’s orange cat.

“I pulled out my phone and captured Riley singing ‘Garfield, where’s your lasagna’, a song he had made up on the spot,” Robinson said.

The 15-second result didn’t make waves immediately.

Instead of making an effort to plan the perfect caption and hashtags, around 9:30 p.m. that night, Mackenzie just popped the video on TikTok raw, with no edits and no hashtags. The caption simply read: “Where’s your lasagna?”

An hour later when the group was out for dinner, the clip had zero views. Sarcastically, Robinson told his friends “this one’s going to blow up”.

It turned out he was right.

“The next morning I woke up to a text from Colton that said ‘Kash, congrats on hitting a bit of the algorithm’,” he said. “I was confused and checked my TikTok to see that the video had 17k views at around 8 a.m. After that we watched the video skyrocket, bringing in a little over a million views a day.”

The four creators are excited to see where the newfound attention leads them.

“We are going to keep posting good content to keep the ball rolling and take advantage of this exposure to highlight all of our creative outlets,” Robinson said. “We’re excited for our future in the world of social media and in the music industry.”

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