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Canada expected to see ‘temperature roller-coaster’

B.C. to see more storms and below-average temperatures while Alberta braces for turbulent weather

Canadians should be patient this spring as a “temperature roller-coaster” is expected across the country in the coming weeks.

The Weather Network said while Canada is expected to see tastes of spring, there are a number of weeks to go before cold winter conditions phase out.

In British Columbia, The Weather Network is forecasting a few more storm systems and temperatures averaging below normal.

More precipitation than normal is expected in southern and central B.C.

In the Prairies, The Weather Network is forecasting a heightened potential for turbulent temperatures across the region.

There is an increased risk for spring flooding across southern Manitoba, where there has been more snow on the ground than normal.

The weather is tipping towards colder than normal north of the Yellowhead Highway in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

In Ontario and Quebec, The Weather Network is anticipating early tastes of warm spring weather, with periods of very warm weather as the season progresses.

But residents should expect some “back and forth” between warm and cold weather before things start to settle down heading into the latter part of April into May.

In Atlantic Canada, The Weather Network is predicting a more typical weather pattern this spring, with near-normal temperatures in most of the region.

Above-normal temperatures expected in southwest Nova Scotia and below-normal temperatures are expected across parts of Labrador.

In northern Canada, below-normal temperatures are expected for most of Yukon and the Northwest Territories, while near-normal temperatures are expected for most of Nunavut.

– The Canadian Press