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Rock enthusiast shares a passion for crevice gardening

Sooke Garden Club meets on March 22
Paul Spriggs, the owner of Spriggs Gardens Landscaping, is the guest speaker at this month’s meeting of the Sooke Garden Club. (Contributed photo)

Cory McInnis | Contributed

I have collected rocks for years and cannot go for a beach walk without returning with a pocket full of them.

What do I do with all these rocks, you may ask? I display them in jars, on windowsills, and around planters outside. They hold good energy.

For me personally, what can be more fun than creating with rocks and plants? They go together naturally.

Living on Vancouver Island, it’s a well-known fact among gardeners that our soil is predominantly rock-based. When I dig a few inches down in my backyard, I inevitably hit rock, and even my back wall and driveway are rocky surfaces riddled with cracks and crevices that seem perfect for planting. Despite this, I’ve had no success gardening in these areas due to the steep slope and the soil being easily washed and blown away, leaving only pesky weeds to thrive.

Paul Spriggs owns Spriggs Gardens Landscaping and is the past president of the Vancouver Island Rock and Alpine Garden Society.

Spriggs has been rock gardening for 23 years and building crevice gardens for 16 years.He’s the guest speaker at this month’s Sooke Garden Club meeting.

He has a passion for wild plants, particularly those of dwarf stature. He has acquired expertise in the craft of building crevice gardens from one of its innovators, Zdenek Zvolanek, from the Czech Republic. Spriggs collects and cultivates these plants in various gardens throughout Victoria, and over the past 15 years, he has constructed numerous gardens in public parks and private residences.

The Crevice Garden, the first North American book, has been completed by Spriggs in collaboration with Kenton Seth and is now available.

Also at the meeting, there will be potatoes for sale for the potato contest. Who will be the biggest potato grower this year?

Those interested in joining the Sooke Garden Club are welcome to attend the meeting on March 22 at 7 p.m. at St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church. Check out the club’s Facebook page, website, or email

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