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Sidney moms create scale to gauge motherly burn out

Nici Emel and Pamela Dupont have created the burnt-out mom scale to rate their experiences
Nici Emel and Pamela Dupont are calling themselves the burnt out moms. (Courtesy of Nici Emel and Pamela Dupont)

A pair of moms from Sidney are finding activities to help avoid burnout and encouraging others to join them on their adventures.

Nici Emel and Pamela Dupont are calling themselves the burnt-out moms and have created a scale and social media accounts to rate and review their experiences.

Burnt-out moms started after a night of venting that lead to laughing at how tired and burnt out Emel and Dupont were.

“That night got us thinking we want to share our reviews for other moms so they can get out and have some good laughs at good places too,” Emel said.

Dupont and Emel’s goal is to find places that will help themselves and others recharge and enjoy a break from daily stresses.

“Another goal is to create a reliable place to come to when one is feeling overwhelmed and wants to do something but wants to make sure it’s good before spending precious time and money,” Emel added. “Folks can come to burnt out moms and know they are getting a real review.”

Dupont and Emel have both been moms for over 17 years.

“I have three absolutely wonderful kids,” Dupont said. “It has been one of the biggest blessings and challenges all in one. All the kids are happy and healthy and that’s what’s most important. There’s more challenges now than ever before. Everyone’s circumstances are different too. Some have more on their plates than others.

Emel says being a mom has been a wild ride.

“Parenting is no joke and it’s a hard job,” she added. “No one could ever have prepared me for what was about to come. My kids have enhanced my life. They have made me a better person and have really shown me what is important in life. They have taught me to slow down and play, to sing, to dance and to just be myself.”

The burnt-out moms are starting by going to and reviewing one or two places a month to start and then seeing where this journey takes them.

“We’d like to highlight some great family hikes and local beaches, hit up all the breweries and distilleries, find some great local farmers and stores to support,” Emel said.

Some recent adventures for the moms have been renting a boat in Osoyoos, going to a Seattle Seahawks game and tastings at Tofino Distillery. They rated all of these activities a 10 on their burnt-out moms scale.

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