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Letter: Letter-writer urged to take action

Re: Municipal elections gone wrong ( Letters , Nov. 3)

Re: Municipal elections gone wrong (Letters, Nov. 3)

Nina Leshinskaya please skip the math lessons, as we are all aware of the apathy of the voting public. I wouldn’t vote for any candidate running in a slate pack. Tunnel vision focus, to be sure. Only votes cast are counted – end of story.

Leshinskaya is well published in the letters section of this newspaper, begging anyone to do something about whatever situation is on her mind any particular week.

She needs to throw her hat in the ring and take some positive action instead of lecturing all of us that she claims don’t understand what’s happening.

I didn’t vote for all the candidates who won a seat, but I am happy to let them do their job. I won’t agree with all the decisions made going forward, but that’s how it works.

Only a fool, and the odd politician, would believe that you can always make everyone happy.

Bob Halliday


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